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Every year, limited companies have to file annual accounts — a summary of a company’s monetary performance and position over a financial year — and submit them to both Companies House and HMRC. Doesn’t that sound thrilling?

Annual accounts are — by all accounts — a bit of a slog, headache and distraction from the important parts of your business. So, why not bin it off and let your accountant handle the whole lot for you?

With our accounts production service, you’ll be able to get back to work with the peace of mind that someone is on the case. To say that we’ve prepared a lot of accounts would be an understatement — there’s hardly anything we don’t know about the process of delivering accounts on time.

Thinking of going it alone? Just remember that preparing annual accounts isn’t just about doing them on time.

Because your accounts also summarise your company’s financial performance, including all relevant information and being as accurate as possible is essential if you want to run an efficient business that can plan ahead properly. With our accounts production service, you can get just that. What are you waiting for?

One final thought: while companies must file annual accounts, we would still say that sole traders and partners should prepare them in certain cases, too. Get a true picture of your business once and for all.

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