About Us

Our Ambition

We want to deliver a world class service with a modern approach.

We want to deliver a world class service with a modern approach. We aim to change the way businesses/entrepreneurs interact and work with their accountant. We are contactable through a variety of different means, such as WhatsApp, email, text, video, and phone calls. All meeting locations are chosen by our clients and our fees are fixed and paid monthly, so no more surprise bills. We have many clients across the UK, both small and large, across many sectors including:

  • the construction industry
  • hospitality and fitness
  • retail
  • personal service such as, facial aesthetics
  • influencers such as, Instagram and Youtubers
  • individuals with property portfolios

As well as accountancy and tax skills, we work closely with several consultants that have individual specialisms,which enable us to provide clients with the best advice to help our clients succeed. Whether you need help moving to the cloud, an integrated business strategy, access to corporate finance or specialist tax advice we are here to help you.

About Us

Our Passion

We want to help our clients maintain healthy businesses. 'Health is wealth' as they say. We are often contacted to discuss both small and large problems or challenges faced by new or existing clients, and some of those challenges affect the staff and the business owners' lives personally either positively or negatively.

However, if we can help mitigate or solve these problems with our knowledge and expertise, we not only help our clients' businesses be healthier, but this also translates to the person/owner behind the business. If they have less stress and a healthy business, they are more likely to be healthier, have an improved family life and overall wellbeing. We care about our clients.

Our Clients

All our clients have the same expectations - to receive a timely, world-class service, by people that care.

Technology and Your Accountant

Technology and your accountant could be the difference between success and failure

Want to succeed as a small business owner? Have a mentor or an accountant. A recent Make or Break? report shows that asking for help from mentors and advisors, and having a good relationship with your accountant, means you have a leg up. The research was timed to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Surveying 2,000 small business owners across the US and the UK, we found that those owners who collaborate with an accountant or bookkeeper, 42% of survivors describe that relationship as “excellent,” compared to 27% of those whose company failed. This statistic shows just how important accountants are to the ongoing success of the small businesses they serve.

Those who succeed also invest in technology for increased productivity in finance. It was also found that they dedicate funds to marketing and customer service. Nearly six in 10 survivors (58%) use software to manage their finances vs. a marginal 14% of failures. Plus just shy of a third (31%) allocate resources to improving customer service, versus 20% of those in the failed camp.

Of those owners who listed a business issue as a reason for failure, a whopping 65% blamed financial problems like cashflow or access to capital. It highlights just how important the relationship between a small business and their accountant is. Their livelihood actually depends on it.

The Xero effect

Lifting survival rates and helping small businesses thrive is Xero’s business model. The Make or Break Report found US and UK businesses that use Xero are markedly more likely to succeed. In the US, 95% of Xero customers survive their first year vs. 79% for the average. In the UK 97% of Xero customers make it that far compared to an average rate of 91%.

The pattern becomes even more distinct over longer timeframes. At the five-year point, 85% of Xero customers in the US are still up and running, while the industry average is 50%. In the UK the difference is greater still, with 88% of Xero customers operating after five years, compared to an industry average of just 41%.

With technology automating many of the admin tasks which previously sucked up accountant’s time, they’re able to act more like an advisor to their customers.

The flexibility provided by cloud-based software coupled with mobile apps is transforming how accountants help their customers. It’s also eliminating a lot of the guess work, especially when it comes to forecasting.

Sometimes small business owners just need a little help from their number-orientated friends.


Working with a mentor

Running a small business can be a lonely job. Having access to a friendly ear to brainstorm strategy or get advice can go a long way towards ensuring the future stability and viability of your company.

Research also revealed that a third of successful entrepreneurs have reached out to a mentor or advisor, compared to just 14% of respondents who ran businesses that had to close.

Professional and established accountants who understand your needs.

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